The Amphibious Forces Memorial Museum (AFMM) is an Oregon based 501c3 charitable non-profit organization.

We are a member based organization that is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the USS LCI 713, education of the public on WWII amphibious history and the sacrifices made for the freedom we enjoy today and honoring our veterans.


The LCI-713 is our main facility and museum and belongs to our membership. We are governed by a 9 member board of directors which is elected by the membership. To become a member simply make a donation according to the prescribed annual or lifetime amount.


The LCI 713 is on the National Parks Service National Register as a historic vessel. At the end of World War II the Navy had over 5,500 commissioned ships in service. Of that total, over half of those ships were amphibious warfare vessels. Today, out of the many WWII Navy ships listed in the National Register, the LCI 713 is the sole representative of that half of the fleet.


Our main sponsor is the Port of Portland who provides for our mooring.


We have a dedicated volunteer crew that spends each and every Saturday working on the restoration effort. To become a volunteer, simply come on down for a visit and weíll get you going. You donít need and specific skills to volunteer, but if you have a special skill we may be able to take advantage of it. And they donít need to be physical skills, we need administration, social networking, website, accounting and fundraising skills as well.


AFMM Board Meetings are held the third Saturday each month. Please contact us if youdí like to attend!


Thanks for your interest!


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